Program Overview

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is an educational program that helps students in grades 4 through 8 develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Students have fun gaining real-life career experience by exploring the world of business.

As they build their own independent business ventures, they set and achieve goals, acquire confidence and develop practical life skills. They put their plans into action at the Young Entrepreneur Show, a dynamic event where they interact with customers and earn money. By donating a portion of their profits to charity, they also discover the impact of giving.



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What People Say

It just goes to show that when students have a say in their learning and are given the opportunity to follow their interests and passions, there is no stopping them!

Nicole Seath, Teacher

I can break out of my comfort zone really easily when I have a goal I want to accomplish.


This was one of the BEST projects either of my kids have done in school – ever!


It truly felt like I had accomplished something.


What impressed me the most was that my reluctant learners became totally involved in the program.

Mary Ann Benson, Teacher

This is the way kids need and want to learn. To apply the basic skills of math and business in a functional environment. I was over the moon about the life skills that they learned.

Karin Dreany, Parent

I learned new things about myself and found out I’m more creative than I thought I was.

Regann, Student

We thought the Young Entrepreneurs Program was Fantastic. What a fun, unique way to provide kids with hands-on learning!


They were learning even when they thought they were just having fun.

Cynthia Kong, Teacher



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