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Empowering young people with an entrepreneurial mindset

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is an educational program that has been helping young students develop an entrepreneurial mindset for over 20 years.


Our Mission

A recent study estimates that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented. As global demand grows for skilled talent that can adapt to change, PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is addressing this issue by inspiring young people to set goals, stretch their capabilities and explore new ways of thinking.

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Our Program

PowerPlay students develop a product and business plan, conduct market research, complete marketing and branding exercises, and launch their products for sale at a final showcase. This Canada-wide educational movement is empowering young people with the skills and entrepreneurial thinking needed to help them succeed in our rapidly changing world.

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Our Impact 


40K +

Solid Track Record

Over 40,000 students have participated in PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs


Increased Skill Level

Students demonstrate a 59% increase in abilities related to business planning


Student Donations

Over $250,000 (estimate) has been donated to charitable organizations


“PowerPlay knocked my socks off. It was very well structured, well designed and very “kid friendly”. It fit in perfectly with the curriculum and got kids excited. And it was a very real life experience for them.”

Sam Hauck, Teacher at Kwayhquitlum Middle School


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